Attendee Chat

Vetted Attendee Telegram Chat

We are thrilled to have another awesome way to help connect with your future (and prior), attendees for the convention!   Thanks to our amazing registration system, you can not only register for our event, but provide your telegram information in your Event Registration detail, such that we can then authorize you to access our vetted current/past attendee chatroom!

I have purchased my registration, been vetted, and my Telegram username is in my profile! How do I join?!

  1. Goto your telegram client (or click the link)
  2. Send any message to @babyfurconbot
  3. It will send back a one-time-use link for you to use to join the chat.
  4. Done! 🎉

Uhoh!  It didnt work!  What is next?

Did you register?

Firstly, you need to have purchased a registration for the convention.  If you have not, please start the process here!

During the ticket purchasing process, you will have the opportunity to add in some information which assist us with not only getting in-touch with you; but linking your personal telegram contact information to your registration, such that our tooling has the ability to recognize that you are you!   Here is what that looks like while you are registering (note the section titled Telegram @username (if you use telegram – otherwise leave blank):

OH WOAH, what’s this?! I already registered and I didn’t provide it? How can I fix this?

For those who have registered and didn’t see or add the product options during purchase, I will outline how to update your registration below!

  1. Login to your account here
  2. Click on the “Register for BFC” link on the left of the page
  3. Select the “Modify Registration” button on the right of the page
  4. Select “Continue” on your current Registration Type
  5. Find the section titled Telegram @username (if you use telegram – otherwise leave blank) and update with the proper telegram username
    1. If you see other fields that are blank or need modification, please update these as well!  It helps our team!
  6. Select “Update Registration” once you have updated your information.

Once you are all vetted (our staff will take care of this process), you will be good to go!  If any questions come up, please feel free to reach us at our email address; registration <at>