Our Brand

Our Brand

View our Brand Guide Here, created by Marci McAdam.

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Trademarks and Legal

Both Babyfur Con® and BFC® are registered trademarks granted to us by the United States Patent and Trade Office.
Our trademarks and other brand features are protected by law. You’ll need our permission in order to use them. For permission requests, please contact legal@thinkpaci.org. We are generally fine with the use of trademarks to talk about or promote our events, but NOT fine with companies using our trademarks as a way to show endorsement or affiliation for a product or service, or for someone to use our name with an unaffiliated event. You also cannot use our logos to create your own merchandise i.e. t-shirts, stickers, etc be they for personal or commercial use. Sorry kiddo!


Download our Logo Package Here (you will need a password to open the Zip file)