Our History

The History & Vision for Babyfur Con®

Cub Con was the original name of the first event, which started in May of 2019 at BLFC, a furry convention in Reno, NV.

It started with a babyfur room party as well as two 18+ public Con Panels: a Babyfur Meet & Greet, as well as an event called Diaper Twister. This initial event was paid for and supported by the Cub Con organizers and volunteers as well as received a generous donation of 8 cases of adult diapers from ABU which we gave out as prizes to attendees. It was super well received with over 150 attendees at the Meet & Greet.

From there in late 2019 we learned there may not be Con space the following year. While looking at renting a large suite, there was a realization that we could target renting out an entire hotel in Las Vegas with a bar, pool, restaurant, and complete freedom to be little – wear onesies, rompers, shortalls, PJ’s or simply nothing but a diaper and t-shirt all over the hotel property without judgment or breaking con rules. The dream was born! A con entirely for Babyfurs and ABDL’s in Sin City – Las Vegas Baby!

In early 2020 the Global Pandemic hit – COVID-19. That put a halt to our in-person con planning, and instead, we pivoted. We came up with an online convention concept that was interactive, and mimicked an in-person con as best we could with multiple simultaneous events, educational panels, happy hours, and attendee participation, we called the event Babyfur Con®.

The idea is that we would have everyone dress up in their little’s gear and diapers, and turn on their webcams. We predicted about 50 participants, and made it a cost of $20 so we could fundraise some money towards future events.

April 25th, 2020 saw 400+ Babyfurs from 20+ countries across the globe attend our paid event BFC® #1, with 1/3 of tickets donated to those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 or other financial hardships. Our team spent hundreds of hours manually vetting every participant and building a custom platform to bring a secure online event to life. In all it was over 1000+ hours of programming, and 300+ hours of convention organizing. Lots of work completed on donated time, from an amazing staff of volunteers and organizers.

From BFC® #1 we were able to raise roughly $4500. We used those funds to hire a lawyer, form a non-profit corporation (Partnership for Artists and Creative Individuals), apply for and receive 501(c)3 status with the IRS, permits from the State of California, file for trademarks, and get the event more solidified in its standing to provide meaningful service back to the community

Babyfur Con® and BFC®  are legally protected and fully granted trademarks by the USPTO. We have a dedicated board of directors, and written into our bylaws is that no one in our organization is to be paid or given a stipend – we are 100% volunteer organized.

Looking ahead our goal is to raise $35,000 as an operating fund in order to produce our convention in Las Vegas. This amount is to cover the cost of a hotel buyout (so we can run around in little’s gear all weekend), security, insurance, signage, props, decor, transportation of equipment (one board member has offered the use of a 14,000 ball 10′ x 10′ adult-sized ball pit, another an Adult Crib and High Chair for example), and then enough funds to cover emergencies.

We want to be able to run our first con with enough funds in the bank that we don’t put anyone or a small group of unpaid volunteers into financial hardship should bad things happen.

Our current plan to raise funds is to create online ticketed events, ask for donations from sponsors, hold an art auction, and get individual donations from the community. We are a registered charity – IRS 501(c)3 and can issue tax receipts.