FAQ & About Us

Babyfur Con® was originally started by Nacho and Kago in May of 2019 at BLFC, a furry convention in Reno, NV. It started with a babyfur room party as well as two 18+ public Con Panels – Babyfur Meet & Greet as well as Diaper Twister. These events were paid for out of pocket by the organizers, and received a generous donation of 8 cases of adult diapers from ABU which we gave out as prizes to attendees. It was super well received with over 150 attendees at the Meet & Greet. 

From there in late 2019 we learned there may not be Con space the following year, and we looked into renting a massive suite for $2,000 a night to run programming out of but realized for only $7,500 a night we could rent an entire 73 room hotel in Las Vegas with a 24 hour bar, pool, restaurant, and complete freedom to be little – wear onesies, rompers, shortalls, PJ’s or simply nothing but a diaper and t-shirt all over the hotel property without judgement or breaking con rules.The dream was born! A Con entirely for Babyfurs and ABDL’s in Sin City – Las Vegas Baby!

In 2020 the Global Pandemic hit – COVID-19. That put a stop to our con planning, and instead we pivoted. We came up with an online convention concept that was interactive, and mimicked an in-person con as best we could with multiple simultaneous events, educational panels, happy hours, and attendee participation. The idea that we would have everyone dress up in their little’s gear and diapers, and turn on their webcams. We predicted about 50 participants, and made it a cost of $20 so we could fundraise some money towards  future events.

April 25th, 2020 saw 400+ Babyfurs from 20+ countries across the globe attend our paid event BFC® #1, with 1/3 of tickets donated to those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 or other financial hardships. Our team of volunteers spent hundreds of hours manually vetting every participant, as well we created our own custom platform that ran on top of Zoom bringing an online schedule, and password-less linking of multiple Zoom rooms, and security features so that links could be revoked in real-time, and personal data wasn’t shared with Zoom. In all it was over 400+ hours of programming, and 300+ hours of convention organizing. All volunteer donated time. 

From BFC® #1 we were able to raise roughly $4500. We used those funds to hire a lawyer, form a non-profit corporation, apply for and receive 501(c)3 status with the IRS, permits from the State of California and State of Nevada to fundraise, file for trademarks (we had one an attendee love our con so much he went a little nuts and claimed to be a founder and organize some unsafe non-affiliated events under our name without permission, so we lawyer’d up and got advised to protect our intellectual property for the good of our community) – Babyfur Con® and BFC®  are legally protected and fully granted trademarks by the USPTO. We have a dedicated board of directors, and written into our public bylaws is that no one in our organization is to be paid or given a stipend – we are 100% volunteer organized. 

Looking ahead our goal is to raise $35,000 as an operating fund in order to produce our convention in Las Vegas. This is to cover the cost of buying out an entire hotel (so we can run around in little’s gear all weekend), security, insurance, signage, props, decor, (some adult sized big wheel tricycles might be fun!) transportation (one board member has offered use of a 14,000 ball 10′ x 10′ adult sized ball pit, another an Adult Crib and High Chair for example) and then enough funds to cover emergencies, or to cover refunds on every room should the con have to get cancelled due to C19 or other ‘acts of god’. Basically we want to be able to run our first con with enough funds in the bank that we don’t put any one or small group of unpaid volunteers into financial hardship should bad things happen. 

Our current plan to raise funds is to create online ticketed events, ask for donations from sponsors, hold an art auction, and get individual donations from the community. We are a registered charity – IRS 501(c)3 and can issue tax receipts. 

In 2020 we raised over $14,000 towards this goal. After our CPA is done we plan to release an annual report with a more detailed breakdown of our numbers, activities, and goals.


Nothing is more important to us than our attendees’ privacy and safety. Our team has spent over 500 hours developing the ‘Recess Platform’ in order to safeguard our online convention and eliminate shared Zoom links and go a step further than password protection.  Every attendee is issued their own personal schedule constraining multiple retractable unique Zoom links/tokens.

Furthermore, in order to attend our conventions attendees have to be vetted to ensure they are over 18 years old and connected to our community. We take vetting extremely seriously and never share our vetting lists with other organizations.

At this time Babyfur Con® is not affiliated with any other conventions other than Galactic Camp® (a furry convention on an aircraft carrier – The USS Hornet Air, Space & Sea Museum in the SF Bay Area, California) that our parent organization PACI also produces. There are safeguards in our GSuite, Salesforce, and EventBrite systems to separate out attendee data and access rights, however both events are produced by the same non-profit organization and many staff, volunteers, and attendees are involved with both conventions. We will often cross promote similar events that are submitted to our community events page but those events are run by their own respective organizations or individuals. We are not responsible for their content, viewpoints, or implementation specifics. We encourage you to check out all the other amazing events out there, but also be mindful and do your own due diligence to ensure an event meets your own personal safety/privacy standards.

Babyfurs are members of the furry fandom that are typically into diapers, Age Play, and ABDL. ABDL stands for ‘Adult Baby Diaper Lover’ and is a group of consenting adults that generally like diapers, and who often role play as younger individuals or “Adult Babies”. There are no minors involved, just adults 18+ pretending to be younger; reliving their childhoods in a safe space. Age Play is another term for this, and babyfurs can also role play as older kids too, also called ‘kidfurs’. It is all harmless fun. Imagine getting to forget about the bills, work or school, and the stresses of adult life and instead get to eat mac ‘n’ cheese, hug your plushie, wear comfortable clothes, get loved and cared for and just relax! It’s awesome! And the community is super welcoming of any adult who wants to participate.

The furry fandom is a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, speaking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes. Furry’s typically gather online, and at conventions such as Galactic Camp® where you will see costuming, anthropomorphic art (typically artists taking commissions drawing people’s fursonia’s or “characters”, fursuits (custom made mascot style costumes of people’s unique characters; often costing thousands of dollars and hours of craftsmanship) and educational panels.

For many in the furry fandom their ‘fursonia’ is a custom made character or avatar that represents a better version of themselves and is a critical part of their identity. Furries create and name their characters and go by those names in their friend circles. For many furries their fursuits, or other costumes such as “Kigu’s” (a sort of costume PJ’s) are so critical to their identity they will not attend events unless they are allowed to do so in suit/costume; this is why Babyfur Con® will never hold a convention where masks or costumes are banned.

The difference between ABDL and Babyfur is that ABDL’s are not necessarily furry; while babyfur’s are generally both furry and ABDL. Age Players, Little’s, Middle’s, Big’s and ABDL’s are always welcome at Babyfur Con® and most babyfur communities welcome them with open arms (or fuzzy paws). Just note: the fursuits, costuming, furry art, are all a huge part of the babyfur community so if you are not comfortable with masks and costumes then don’t come to a babyfur event. Also note – many babyfur artists will also do commissions of human (baby, toddler, etc) art pieces, so you can still participate in the art even if cute baby animals are not your jam! For the most part both communities have a ton in common and babyfurs are often seen at CAP Con, WCJG, and other Age Play events. You typically spot them seeing their baby animal themed art displayed.

Las Vegas is super easy to get to and cheap flights can be gotten from most of the country, but also internationally. It has a diaper store – Changing Times (which carries multiple brands of padding and adult baby clothing you can try on before you buy) and Las Vegas is known as ‘Sin City’, so the city is friendly to kink and fetish events. Also, bars are open 24/7! Our dream is to have a hotel bar serving drinks in sippy cups and baby bottles packed full of onesie & romper wearing padded cubs at 3AM! In fact, imagine a furry con with all the typical room parties, hang out spaces, dances, except this one full of all babyfurs getting to wear just a diaper and nothing else, being their toddler little-selves anywhere inside the hotel without judgement or looks!

Right now, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are in limbo. We are not willing to hold our convention until it is safe to do so and until people are comfortable with larger events. Our plan is to run virtual online events, then outdoor events (once safe): things like a trip to the zoo, a picnic with people safely distanced six feet apart, that sort of thing. Then, once we see other furry conventions come back successfully and life has returned back to normal – we will bring you the littlest con you’ve ever seen! 

Now, in order to do this right and to buy out an entire hotel (so you actually can run around in nothing but a diaper… like a real life toddler!) we need an operating fund of roughly $35,000. This is to cover the buy-out, security, signage, insurance, decorations, rentals, and to have enough reserve capital that our volunteer staff and board members are not on the hook personally for thousands and thousands of dollars should we need to cancel the con and issue refunds.

That’s why we need your help to raise money – please consider donating, or buying a tax-deductible ticket to an online event!

You can make a donation to our 501(c)3 and/or sign up to volunteer at one of our events. We are in constant need of a smol army of volunteers to run registration, social media, panels, dealer’s den, operations, public safety, AV, con opps, and all the other roles you see in a con. Ahhhh… so much work! 

Also as described in the above “When is Babyfur Con®” we need to raise roughly $35,000 in order to produce our in-person ABDL Las Vegas Convention – basically we need enough funds to cover the hotel buy-out and an emergency fund to issue refunds in case of a cancellation.

Yes! Stay tuned for announcements. Our plan is two large-scale virtual cons per year, in the spring and fall. Once we move to in-person events, we will do one online con and one in-person con each year, plus maybe some smaller events throughout the year.

A virtual con is super fun! Attendees are first vetted to make sure they are part of the babyfur or ABDL community and over the age of eighteen. Then everyone gets dressed up in their diapers, onesies, rompers, PJ’s or other littles gear, grabs their favorite plushie and interacts via video conference together by moving between simultaneous online rooms or ‘tracks’. Panels, small group discussions, happy hour, artists streaming… an online con has it all. Plus, you get to enjoy an intimate look in littles’ bedrooms, adult cribs, nurseries, ball pits, highchairs, play pens and more from around the world! It is quite magical, and if you are new to the ABDL community you will quickly realize you are not alone! Our first online con saw over 400 people from 20 countries around the world! For an idea of how it worked, see this archive newsletter.

There has been a lot of talk in the news about online meeting software like Zoom and security. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to keep our attendees safe. Let us explain: Babyfur Con’s usage of video conferencing will go one step further than password protection. Each paid attendee will get a link emailed to each session that is personal to them. The link should not be shared with anyone else (if the link is shared we’ve built special software to automatically deactivate the link and kick those who used it out immediately), and people without an individual link will not be able to join any of the sessions by guessing session IDs or passwords. Babyfur Con will also have the ability to revoke any individual user’s link to sessions at any time should a user share their link.

Additionally, Babyfur Con will not require attendees to sign up with Zoom. The only thing Zoom will need will be an email address (to send your personalized link for each session) and a name, which can be completely fictitious or a fan/furry name. This is the only information Zoom will have about our attendees.

Zoom has taken a lot of criticism recently about security. The majority of this revolves around poor user security. While it’s true Zoom could’ve made things less easy to be misused, the majority of “Zoombomings” were happening to people who posted links to their meetings on public spaces like Facebook or Twitter. There were no passwords on these meetings, meaning anyone could join. Also all online video conference systems have a similar flaw. If you share the link, malicious people can use the link to join those calls. Zoom has taken most of the heat because it is the most popular video conference system right now. If you have further questions or concerns we haven’t addressed here, feel free to contact us.

Every registered attendee of Babyfur Con® (BFC) agrees to abide by the BFC Code of Conduct as a condition of attending the event. Following the policies below ensures that you and the other attendees have a safe and enjoyable convention experience. This code of conduct applies to registered attendees of the convention during all sessions, regardless of whether the convention has officially begun or ended.

BFC sessions are for the exclusive enjoyment of our registered attendees. Active registration is required for event admission. A registration is valid only for the person to whom it was issued and may not be shared under any circumstance.


Babyfur Con® is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for all, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind of convention attendees, volunteers, staff, or guests; harassment is considered a serious breach of this code of conduct. This policy applies equally to attendees, staff, contractors, and agents of Babyfur Con. If someone requests to be left alone, respect their wishes.


Though BFC is a private event, attendees are expected to conduct themselves in sessions in a manner appropriate for our attendees. Nudity is not permitted at any time. All genitals and breasts must be covered at all times. Additionally, Lewd displays of affection are prohibited.

Attendees under the age of 18 will not be permitted to join any session, and attendees will not join a session with any person under the age of 18 able to see or hear the session.

Be respectful of the environment. Interruptions or disruptions to panel/events in a manner not consistent with the topic, are prohibited.

Displays of illegal materials are prohibited at all times.


Visible diapers are permitted during any session, unless expressly marked as prohibited. Diapers must cover all genitals at all times. Bodily fluids and feces must never be visible. If you have an accident, disconnect from the session immediately and only return once cleaned up.


Photography, film, audio, and video recording by attendees is expressly prohibited at all times. Anyone caught violating this policy will be ejected from the convention without a refund. Saving or attempting to save chat logs made during sessions is also prohibited. All journalists, media photographers, and other registered attendees of the press are expressly forbidden.


BFC prides itself in welcoming babyfur fans from all walks of life, and we acknowledge that we also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our attendees. Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in any of the following:

  • Warning
  • Revocation of registered attendeeship and disabling of access
  • Referral to public safety or law enforcement agencies

Any member who is deemed by the chairman of BFC, or their designee, to have egregiously violated this code of conduct may have their BFC registration revoked.

Any individual whose registered attendeeship has been revoked is automatically prohibited from registering for any subsequent conventions or events sponsored by Babyfur Con until such time as their attendance is approved by the board of directors of Babyfur Con.

Revocation of registered attendeeship may only be appealed in writing to the board of directors in advance of the convention at registration@babyfurcon.com

The board of directors reserves the final authority to grant or deny registered attendeeship.

This Code of Conduct is effective as of 2020-04-24. Babyfur Con® reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.

Please click on the following Google form for more information on how you can help: Volunteer Support Form

If you are reading this section, you might be wondering what ‘vetting’ is and why we do it.

For starters, Babyfur Con® is an adults-only 18+ event and, as such, we must be able to ensure that anyone who is given access to the event is indeed legally an adult. This is primarily to ensure the security of the event and the consenting adults who wish to participate.
When you sign up and purchase a ticket with Eventbrite, you provide legal information which Eventbrite will store to your account. After you purchase the ticket, you will enter what we call the ‘vetting process’. During the vetting process, we will ask (via email sent from registration@babyfurcon.com) that you provide supporting documents to prove your age and community involvement status. Basically, we want to know that you’re here because you want to be here and have fun as a participant, and not to troll or be a nuisance.

During the vetting process, we may ask for information including (but not limited to) a government-issued ID, as well as your Twitter, FetLife or other social media account handles to support this. We only will ask for relevant information such as age, name and photo when it comes to your government-issued ID. We request that you black out, blur or otherwise obscure any other non-relevant information that appears on your ID, so please look for the email we will send for instructions. Once the vetting process is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email, or an email with follow-up information needed to resolve this process.

If you are unable to or unwilling to provide the requested information, we will void and refund your ticket through Eventbrite less the Eventbrite fees.

It’s important to note that if you’ve completed registration for a prior event such as BFC® #1 or 2, and use the same email address with Eventbrite to register for another event such as BFC® #3, we will be able to match your previous registration and you will most likely be able to skip the vetting process, making it a seamless experience.

We understand that not everyone is fully open about this side of their life.

Social media vetting is used to help us only approve individuals who are in some way involved with any of the many online communities associated with this event. If you are new, we recommend checking out other sites and services to increase your presence in the community.

Yes! There is a Telegram Chat for folks to enjoy surrounding the convention. Currently the chat is closed, but look forward to it’s return for BFC® #3. 

Send us a direct message on Twitter @BabyfurCon and we’ll either answer your question, or point you in the right direction to get your question answered. You may also email us at crinkle (at) babyfurcon.com.