Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, Rules & Agreements


Every registered attendee of Babyfur Con® (BFC®) agrees to abide by the BFC® Code of Conduct, all rules, and all agreements as a condition of attending the event. Following the policies ensure that you and the other attendees have a safe and enjoyable convention experience. This code of conduct applies to registered attendees of the convention during all sessions, regardless of whether the convention has officially begun or ended. By purchasing a ticket and/or registering for the event, you agree to abide by this agreement.

BFC® is for the exclusive enjoyment of our ticketed and registered attendees for the event the individual is registered for. A registration is valid only for the person to whom it was issued, for the event issued, and may not be shared under any circumstance.

Tickets and Registration may be transferable only through a convention approved system.

Hotel Specific Details (e.g. Location & Name), are confidential and not to be shared with anyone not registered with the event (outside of what is needed for personal safety).

All attendees must review and follow any specific rules, signage, or requirements of any available space.

All attendees must follow all instructions from convention staff, volunteers, security staff, and/or hotel staff. If you have a concern with a decision or instruction given, first follow the instructions provided and then find a staff member to assist you with any followup.

Failure to abide by the rules in this agreement could lead to warnings and/or disciplinary action at our discretion. Please read the section titled “ENFORCEMENT & REVOCATION OF REGISTERED ATTENDEES”, for more information.

I also acknowledge the risks associated with the event. These include but are not limited to any CHOKING HAZARDS, INJURY, FALLING, ETC. while using any equipment or services within the space. I understand that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in these activities.


Babyfur Con® is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for all, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Harassment is considered a serious breach of this code of conduct. This policy applies equally to attendees, staff, contractors, and agents of Babyfur Con®. If someone requests to be left alone, respect their wishes.

Personal Conduct

Though BFC® is a private event, attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for our attendees. Nudity is not permitted at any time. All genitals and breasts must be covered at all times. Additionally, displays of affection that would be considered inappropriate for a general audience are prohibited.

Be respectful of the environment. Interruptions or disruptions to panel/events in a manner not consistent with the topic, are prohibited.

Casual dress (e.g. street clothes, vanilla clothes) without any visible kink clothing or gear are required in public spaces outside of the venue.

Any/all illegal materials are strictly prohibited at all times.

Hotel rooms are NOT considered part of the Convention area. Registered hotel guests agree to assume full responsibility and liability for all actions taken in personal hotel rooms.

Hotel rules as well as federal, state, and local laws must be observed and are in effect at all times.

All information regarding events, locations, scenes, participants, and conversations (whether overheard or directly participated in), is considered to be confidential.

Attendees agree to be liable in debt or damages, for any expenses incurred in relation to your conduct, including but not limited to damage to hotel rooms, fecal matter left in hotel rooms, cleaning expenses, unpaid bills, and/or other fees or expenses

Attendees agree to pay any requests for compensation in relation to expenses incurred by the Convention in relation to attendee rooms and/or any fees caused to be accrued.

Diapers, Changing, and Bodily Fluids

Visible diapers are permitted during the event, unless expressly marked as prohibited. Diapers must cover all genitals at all times.

Defecation and feces will NOT be tolerated in any convention area, during any official convention event, or in any public area in/around the hotel (with exceptions made for those with disabilities). For those with disabilities, please be as discreet and as hygienic as possible.

Bodily fluids and feces must never be visible. If you have an accident, please be respectful and clean it up immediately.

Diapers (of any kind including swim diapers), are PROHIBITED in any pools, hot tubs, or showers. They are permitted around the pool deck/area.

Attendees can only change diapers in designated changing areas or personal hotel rooms. For those without personal hotel rooms, changing areas are available within the convention areas for any changing needs.

Photography, Film, Audio, Video Recording, and Media

All photography, film, audio, and/or video recording by attendees is expressly prohibited in convention spaces (including balconies, restaurant, or the pool spaces), at all times.

Photography will only be allowed in specifically approved convention areas (at specific times), and photos will only be allowed by approved photographers.

Photography, film, audio, and/or video recording within hotel-room spaces is authorized only if all individuals consent to the recording.

Photography, film, audio, and/or video recording of non-consenting individuals is prohibited at all times. Any requests for deletion of photography, film, audio, and/or video recording of non-consenting individuals must be honored immediately.

All journalists, media photographers, and other members of the press are expressly forbidden from attending.

You agree to declare (if asked), for any device with the capabilities mentioned above during registration, including but not limited to: phones, tablets, watches, or any other digital media content recording device.

You agree to have staff apply required security seals over any devices which you have declared.

You understand that cases must be removed on devices for application of the seal to cameras.

You agree to immediately notify staff in the event of any device seal being voided or broken, without any use of the device in public convention spaces until the seal is replaced.

You understand staff have the right to review the media in your device and demand deletion of media or recordings that violate this Agreement.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Controlled substances

Possession or Consumption of unlawful controlled substance(s) is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated, except where permitted by law and/or local ordinances.

Hotel alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substances policies should be followed at all times.

All age limits on the consumption of alcohol and use of other controlled substances must be abided to and followed.

Smoking or vaping of any kind is prohibited except in designated locations as marked.

COVID-19 Policies

All policies outlined by the convention’s COVID-19 Policy must be followed.


A valid government-issued photo identification that includes your legal name and date of birth will be required for verification during registration (both at the event as well as for verification prior to the event). You agree that you must provide this information before you may receive your reserved room, tickets, or otherwise enter convention space. You agree that you will provide the above identification upon request by our convention staff.

All registered attendees will receive a badge and are required to wear this badge at all times while in the convention spaces.

When in public spaces (outside of the venue), all registered attendees will be required to conceal their badge from public view.

Our commitment to privacy is so strong that we take additional measures to confirm the membership of every attendee. Therefore, if you share your badge or allow someone else to use it, you will be immediately removed from the event and will be subject to our “Enforcement & Revocation of Registered Attendees” Policy.

Criminal Background

Individuals with felony convictions or other major criminal offenses in any jurisdiction are prohibited from attending or registering for the convention. Withholding information, or giving false or inaccurate information, may result in refusal of entry, expulsion from the event, or a permanent ban from future events.

Food & Beverage

All outside purchased food and beverages (except water), are prohibited from being brought into the hotel restaurant, bar, or convention spaces.

Enforcement & Revocation of Registered Attendees:

BFC® prides itself in welcoming babyfur fans from all walks of life, and we acknowledge that we also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our attendees. Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in any of the following:

  • Warning
  • Revocation of registered membership
  • Removal from the hotel and/or convention venue
  • Referral to public safety or law enforcement agencies

Any member who is deemed by the chairman of BFC®, or their designee, to have egregiously violated this code of conduct may have their BFC® registration revoked.

Babyfurcon may engage in legal or other civil remedies to obtain compensation from attendees for refusal for paying any fees associated with not abiding by this code of conduct.

Any individual whose registered membership has been revoked is automatically prohibited from registering for any subsequent conventions or events sponsored by Babyfur Con® until such time as their attendance is approved by the board of directors of Babyfur Con®. No refunds will be given to attendees who are found in violation of our policies.

Revocation of registered membership may only be appealed in writing to the board of directors in advance of the convention at

The board of directors reserves the final authority to grant or deny registered membership.

This Code of Conduct is effective as of 2023-02-24. Babyfur Con® reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.